Running is not easy. At least not for me. I started maybe four years ago and at that point I had a hard time running even half of a mile. Sunday we ran 9.5. We’re in full on training mode. Sunday’s run was tough for me. Teasha and I agreed to run Wissahickon since it is not as hilly as Valley Forge and the soft dirt would be better for my achy knees. What I didn’t think about was how we spent Sophie’s last day running around Wissahickon. It didn’t hit me until I past the first section where we were taking pictures. It stayed with me for the rest of the miles. For me, running is a very mental game. Push through the pain, push through losing my breath, don’t quit… my usual mantras. Sunday had those thoughts along with all of the thoughts of that day. After the run we got in the car and Teasha asked me how I felt. I replied “a lot of things” and tried not to break down. Running is hard. Not giving up in order to honor my best friend makes it a little easier. There are plenty of times when I just want to stop and I get sick of running but I just try and remember the reason I’m doing this.
Please consider a donation in memory of Soph, of any dog you may have lost, for someone you know that’s gone through something like what I have, for anything. Any amount helps and every bit is appreciated.