This is going to be a tough one to write. And a forewarning, it’s depressing. Soph is getting worse and it’s undeniable. She is still having good days and bad so it makes it very tough to know what to do. Yesterday was the worst. She had an episode where she just hung her head and then continued to stumble around my room as though she had a few too many (also known as ataxia.) This lasted around 20 mins. I decided she would be safest in her crate while I was out and when I returned (with plenty of bones; her favorite thing as of late) she seemed back to “normal.”
The doctor said this is the last time we can adjust her medicine. The prednisone does a number on her liver but he said that is a secondary concern right now. Today is day three of the increased medicine. She had been experiencing small focal seizures lasting seconds but unnerving nonetheless. Her medicine had been increased for that as well. The seizures aren’t as frequent now, maybe once a day, but the circling is still constant. It
is my fear that the increase in medicine will not make a difference. This is tough.
I told myself yesterday that I will give it this week to see if there is any improvement. I don’t ever want her to suffer. Trying to do the right thing and not be selfish is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. She is so tough… such a fighter.