Times are getting tough around here. Soph’s symptoms have gotten really bad lately. Her circles have been hairpin turns. If she was a little kid she would just be spinning in a circle, only this doesn’t end when it’s time to come inside or a new game is about to start.
A week and a half ago we were talking about how well Soph is doing and how it’s kind of funny because everyone guessed otherwise. We were gone for the weekend. When we got back, within days it seemed like the symptoms got so much worse. It’s not just the circling; she can no longer go down the stairs because her vision is compromised on her left side, she’s unsteady on her feet, and she’s grinding her teeth. But she still loves to play, loves to warm my lap, loves to eat treats and loves to be loved. She’s not getting annoyed with me for constantly smothering her with kisses.
I had just intended on posting this picture taken at work the other day but now I’m writing and I don’t even know what about.

She’s been coming to work with me everyday. I wasn’t bringing her for awhile because our office moved and I didn’t want her to be stressed. But all is settled and you can either find her on my lap, in her crate or click click clicking around the office. We have laminate floors and Soph has been compared to a Rockette. I actually tell people why she circles now instead of just nervously laughing and saying “yeah, she does that hehe”. I feel bad for the recipient of that news because it’s always a little awkward. I don’t tell everyone. Just the people the matter.

Since I don’t even know where I’m at with this post, I’ll end it here