No news is good news, right?  I haven’t had much desire to write this lately.  Not because things are bad but the opposite.  I’ve always been a better writer when I’ve been upset but I can’t complain about this.

January hiking

Sophie is doing much better than I had anticipated… really, than anyone has anticipated, at this point. She has been going for chemo every two months which is what her liver has allowed.  It’s a battle because she needs the chemo to remain “healthy” but the chemo damages the liver so much especially since she has been on prednisone for almost a year now.

It’s been almost a year since she has been diagnosed. Around this time last year I noticed she was bumping into things, being clumsy. At the time I thought she was going blind. I was devastated.  “How am I going to live with a blind dog?! Poor thing; it’s going to be so tough!” I remember crying in the vet’s office when she said she thought it was glaucoma and would eventually lead to blindness. Can we do a tradesies?  It’s been quite a year.

And honestly, I know it sounds horrible but I didn’t think we would make it this far.  I should’ve known my pup is tough. The chemo has been keeping her symptoms under control and she still circles miles a day but she’s doing great.  She is still hilarious.  She comes to work with me almost every day.  She’s made an appearance on Forbes  and even ABC News which made me have a proud momma moment (yes, I printed them out.)  She may have a lot thinner hair now and a lot of it has turned white but some of it has grown back since it was shaved. She has developed a few new symptoms. She shakes every now and then which is from being in a little pain so she is on pain medication now.  She gets aggressive from time to time with Macy, my roommate’s dog, and the neurologists have said it’s either from being afraid of getting hurt or just being grouchy. The pain meds seem to be helping but she wears a harness now, just in case.  She grinds her teeth which is really bizarre sounding but I’m the only one who was really concerned about it. And she loves to not let me sleep in; beginning the bathroom parade every hour beginning at 6 a.m. which is a real treat for me on the weekend.  Other than that… she’s the same sweetheart she was and has been.  Her ears fell after she got sick and every now and then, mostly in the morning when she’s just waking up, they stick up and it makes me so oddly happy.  I take a picture every time and it still think she is so different looking that it makes me laugh a little.


She’s sleeping right now, right up against my leg. She always has to be touching me.  While it creates a difficult time in the bed and we fight for who gets more room, I love it. And I don’t mind the snoring one bit.